The Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books in 2023

Colored gel pens produce Amazing, opaque results. If you're wondering how to make something Special in your adult coloring book, gel pens might be just what you're Looking for.

Gel pens are less toxic than alcohol-based markers because they are water-based. They are ideal for achieving a stand-out look on the page.

Colored gel pens are easy to control and add texture to the page, allowing you to create fine details.

If you like bright colors but don't want to put in the effort of colored pencils, acrylic, or watercolor, gel pens are for you. They are more comfortable to use than felt pens and require less effort than other tools. Because one layer of color is usually sufficient, you don't need to worry about difficult coloring techniques.

Having said that, some people prefer to color with other tools. If you want to try something different, we can show you the best coloring markers or colored pencils; otherwise, let's take a closer look at why we think gel pens are one of the best coloring tools for adult coloring books.

Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books:

Gel pen sets are entertaining, simple to use and make it simple to achieve stunning results. That is why, in addition to being popular with children, gel pens are also a great option for adults who enjoy coloring books.

But the question is, which gel pens are the best for coloring?

How do you know which gel pen set to buy when there are so many to choose from? One could argue that there is no such thing as the best gel pen set. Rather, you can select a Set based on your requirements.

Think about how much money you want to spend. Do you want a low-cost set or a high-end set? Another factor to consider is the number of pens you require. Do you like a wide range of Pens, such as glitter gel pens, pastel colors, and special pens? Or are a few Basic colors all you need?

Furthermore, keep in mind that some gel pen packages are not suitable for coloring. Especially if the pack only contains black pens, a small number of colors, or ink that takes too long to dry and bleeds through the paper. So, if you're looking for gel pens solely for coloring, avoid those designed for journaling or note-taking.

We compiled a list of the top 14 gel pens for coloring to assist you in making your decision. Our top recommendations are listed below. We took into account all budgets, variations, and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and acid-free alternatives.

Are You a Gel Pen User?

Let's take a closer look at who gel pens are for before we get into the top 14 gel pens.

Many people wonder if gel pens can be used to color and if they are appropriate for them. If you're wondering the same thing, let us explain.

Yes, gel pens are appropriate for coloring and are a popular pen choice for coloring books. If you enjoy the smooth feel of applying gel pens to the page as well as the vibrant color, these are the pens for you.

Glitter and metallic colors are particularly popular, and they are included in the majority of sets. Almost all of them have a nice rubber grip that makes them comfortable to hold and allows for precise work.

The best part is that most gel pens come in large packages and are reasonably priced, so you can easily try them out and see if you like them.

How Can Gel Pens Be Used For Coloring?

Gel pens are not the same as colored pencils or watercolors.

The gel ink is water-based, and while it is a wet application, it is not as difficult to control. The color smears easily before drying, though there are fast-drying options that smear less. However, keep this in mind when coloring with gel pens. If you want to create color transitions, you can use the smearing tool to blend.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the pages of your coloring book are thick so that the color does not bleed through. This is especially important if the images in your coloring book are on both sides of the page.

Overall, gel pens are simple to use, making them an excellent choice for a relaxing time with just you and your coloring book.

Continue reading to find the best gel pen for you.

The 14 Best Gel Pens for Coloring?

We compared the top gel pen brands to identify the top 13 coloring pens. There are many excellent gel pens on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for coloring books.

We compiled a top 13 list with a focus on the variety of colors in a set, ease of application, eco-friendly, and non-toxic options. On our list, you will find both high-end and low-cost gel pens. All of these pen sets are available on Amazon and are suitable for adult coloring books. Some come in a nice gift box, making them ideal for gifts.

Which will you pick?

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books Reviews:

      1. Tanmit Gel Pens

Tanmit gel pens come first on our list of the best gel pens for coloring. They are simply some of the best coloring pens, despite being one of the most popular gel pen brands. They have a wide range of inks available, including metallic, neon colors, glitter, rainbow hues, and many more. They also have swirl colors, which are multicolored and create a transition when you draw.

If you buy the entire set, you'll notice that each of their pens has a color number. This makes it simple to organize and repurchase when you run out.

These pens have a fine tip, typically between 0.8 and 1.0 mm.

The pens are also made of clear plastic, which makes them one of the best gel pens for coloring. As a result, you can see if you're running low on ink right away. They can be refilled. Furthermore, when you put on the cap, it makes a snap sound, letting you know that your pen is properly closed and won't dry out.

When you purchase their largest set of 120 pens, you will also receive 120 refills. Tanmit pens will thus last you a long time.

What we like best about this option is the large selection of colors and the ability to refill.

      2. Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

Gelly Roll comes next on our list of the best gel pens. In their Ice Cream Smooth series, they offer some unique colors such as white or opaque pastel colors. Their Moonlight, Stardust, and Metallic collections are also well-liked.

Some packs include a few pens from various series, which is a great option if you can't decide between their incredible gel pen sets.

They look great on paper, and you can apply two layers on top of each other for added dimension. Because the colors glide smoothly, you don't need much pressure to apply them. Because of the easy-glide, Gelly Roll pens are more relaxing to use than colored pencils, for example.

Furthermore, each Gelly Roll pen is suitable for use on black paper.

The tip sizes range from 0.5 to 1.0.

Gelly Roll pens are well-known for their high quality, and their price is slightly higher when compared to other options. So, if you are certain that you love gel pens and are ready to try a high-quality version, you should consider purchasing them. Their cost is justified because they last a long time and create an amazing appearance.

If you choose their Ice Cream Smooth series, choose the set of 74 pens in a clear plastic case. This collection includes six classic colors, 11 metallic shades, and even gold and silver.

The pastel colors with high opacity and the high quality are what we like best about this option.

   3. Feela Gel Pens

Feela's set of gel pens for coloring is ideal if you want a large set at a reasonable price.

They sell a 360-piece set that includes 180 pens and 180 refills. Glitter gel pens, swirl, metallic, neon glitter, pastel, and standard are among the seven distinct color effects included in their set. Around 100 of them are glitter, making it an excellent choice for glitter pen enthusiasts.

They are packaged in an environmentally friendly, break-resistant storage case.

Each Feela pen's tip glides even more smoothly across the paper than many others, making them one of the best gel pens available. The ink begins to run the moment you place the tip on paper.

Furthermore, because of their special comfort grip, these gel pens are an excellent choice if you are left-handed.

Each pen is numbered for easy refilling, and the caps are snap-on. They have a long shelf life, are acid-free, and are non-toxic.

If a 360-degree set appears to be too much for you, you can opt for one of their smaller sets.

The only drawback to this set is that the refills aren't numbered. To avoid confusion, you must return each pen to its original location, which can be inconvenient if you use a lot of pens at the same time.

What we like best about this option is the large selection of glitter pens and the fact that it is suitable for left-handed people.

      4. Aen Art Gel Pens

Aen Art Gel Pens are the next best set of gel pens for coloring – especially for adult coloring books – on our list.

Their best set is a 100-piece collection that excludes special colors such as glitter gel pens and neon gel pens. They also have a smaller version with 30 colors and a larger version with 160 colors.

Pens come in separate plastic packs, which helps to keep them organized. For example, all metallic gel pens are in one pack, while neon colors are in another.

All of their gel pens have a comfortable grip, dry quickly, and are refillable. The pens and refills are all numbered so you can easily match them up. Their main promise is that all pens come with 40% more ink than other brands. Aen Art claims that you can use them 100 times before the ink runs out.

If you are dissatisfied with your pens, they will refund your money. They are concerned with service and customer satisfaction, which is a huge plus...

The organized packaging and Aen Art's concern for their customers are what we like best about this option.

 5. ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens

ColorIt Gel sets are designed specifically for adult coloring and are thus among the best gel pens for coloring.

Their gel pen set includes 48 colors, including special colors such as glitter gel pens, neon gel pens, and metallic gel pens. The set comes with refills for all 48 pens and a gleaming travel case. Every color pen is labeled and color-coded, making refilling a breeze.

The gel pens have a soft-grip design. They are bleed-proof on regular paper, so your coloring pages will not become stained. The gel ink is acid-free, non-toxic, and water-based.

ColorIt gel pens have a 1.0mm ballpoint tip that makes applying color a breeze.

What we like best about this option is that it is designed specifically for adults, which means it will last longer.

      6. Chromatek Glitter Gel Pens

Chromatek gel pens are a high-quality option that does not break the bank. Their largest set contains 100 pieces, 50 pens in various colors, and 50 refills, making them extra long-lasting.

Because of their vibrant color, they are one of the best gel pens for coloring. There is no skipping or clogging because the ink flow is smooth. Because of the built-in comfort rubber grip, they are simple and enjoyable to use.

All of the pens in this set have a 1.0mm precision tip.

They are made of clear plastic, allowing you to see the level of gel ink and refill them as needed.

These pens, like all of the best gel pens, are acid-free, non-toxic, and adhere to safety standards.

What we like best about this option is that it offers high-quality color pens at a reasonable price.

   7. Shuttle Art Gel Pens

Shuttle Art offers a variety of set sizes, ranging from 12 to 240 colors. Glitter pens, neon, neon glitter, pastel, swirl, and metallic colors are all included in their sets.

The Shuttle Art gel pens are notable for their "magic" shade, which appears black but changes color when applied to paper.

Because of their extensive range, they are among the best gel pens for coloring books. Larger sets include pens and refills and are packaged in a sturdy plastic case.

The grip is a special triangular grip, so even if you color for a long time, your hand will not hurt.

The tip diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.0mm.

For the biggest variety of high-quality pens, choose their set of 360. It includes 180 gel pens and 180 refills.

If you are a fan of a good glitter gel pen, consider one of their all glitter gel pens set. The pack comes in clear plastic packaging so you can store them away.

Choose their 360 set for the most diverse selection of high-quality pens. It comes with 180 gel pens and 180 refills.

If you enjoy a good glitter gel pen, consider purchasing one of their all glitter gel pen sets. The pack comes in clear plastic packaging, making it easy to store.

What we like best about this option is its'magic' color, which transforms from black to other colors.

      8. Paper Mate InkJoy

If a high-quality gel pen set of 10 or 14 pens is all you need, Paper Mate InkJoy is the best gel pen to go with.

They are especially useful for ergonomics because they have a special comfort grip. When compared to regular gel pens, their gel ink dries three times faster. Because the ink dries quickly, this set is known for having less smearing.

The colors are vibrant, and the tip is 0.7mm in size.

The 14-pen set comes in 14 different colors. If you like to keep things simple and value quality, this is the product for you. Granted, some of the Paper Mate InkJoy pens were designed with writing in mind rather than coloring in mind, but they still assist you in achieving stunning results.

When you unpack them, a small plastic ball on the nib protects each tip. This means that the ink is still fresh and hasn't dried out when you start using it. For a better grip, the pen's front is covered in rubber. However, each pen also has a clear plastic part that allows you to see how much ink is left in the pen. The two hearts on the pen's clip back are a special touch.

Some of the lighter colors in the set are more visible on black paper, making them ideal for creating interesting effects. They dry quickly and are smear-proof after 5 seconds.

What we like best about this option is that it prioritizes quality over quantity and is meticulously designed.

  9. Tadkin Gel Pens

Tadkin provides a palette of 100 distinct colors. This set contains no duplicates, making it an excellent choice for gel pen users who enjoy variety. Metallic gel pens, neon, and glitter are included in the set.

They produce a vibrant and smooth effect on paper. The gel ink dries quickly, is non-toxic, and is acid-free.

This set also makes an excellent gift because it has something for everyone.

Tadkin makes our list of the best gel pens because of their variety and vibrant colors. They are well-known for providing high-quality goods at a reasonable price.

Usually, the ink flows smoothly. If your pen has been lying around for a bit without usage then you might need a scribble sheet to get the ink flowing again. But new and out of the box they are smooth and vibrant.

The gel pens are shipped in a nice clear package which makes it easy to organize them and carry them with you.

Ink usually flows smoothly. If your pen has been sitting around for a while without being used, you may need to use a scribble sheet to get the ink flowing again. However, they are smooth and vibrant when they are new and out of the box.

The gel pens come in a nice clear package that makes them easy to organize and transport.

What we like best about this option is that it offers 100 different colors at a reasonable price.

 10. Fiskar Gel Pens

Fiskars' gel pen set includes 48 different colors. There are twelve glitter gel pens, ten metallic pens, nine pastel pens, six neon pens, two black ink pens, and six more swirl colors.

Swirl pens are a two-color blend that produces interesting and one-of-a-kind coloring effects when used. The gel ink is easy to use and works well on both white and dark paper.

The tip of these gel pens is between 0.8mm and 1.0mm, making them ideal for both precise works and coloring a larger surface.

This gel pen set is ideal if you want a medium-sized package but don't want to forego glitter pens and other special shades.

Fiskars is also non-toxic and acid-free. They are ideal for coloring pages with fine details due to the fine tip.

If you decide to purchase this set, keep in mind that it is not divided into four groups of 12 pens. Instead, there will be 12 glitters, 9 metallics, 9 neons, 9 pastels, 6 swirls, and 3 blacks. The ink flows well, with the exception of the lighter shades of the pastel and swirl colors, which seem to skip out at times. On black paper, they perform better. Despite the three black colors, all of the other colors are unique, so you have a good variety in your set of gel pens.

What we like best about this option is that it is a medium-sized pack with a lot of variety.

      11. Reaeon Gel Pens

Looking for a gel pen that glides well on paper, has a wide range of colors, and lasts a long time?

Reaeon's gel pen set includes 100 different colored pens as well as 100 refills. These gel pens are great for coloring because they come in regular colors, metallic colors, neon colors, neon glitter, pastel colors, and glitter pens. The variety allows you to create colorful artworks on your color book pages, and the refills ensure that they will last you a long time. These are non-toxic and acid-free as well.

In some cases, Reaeon offers a money-back guarantee, which is an excellent service if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Some companies may claim to have 100 different color sets but end up giving you very similar shades – this is not the case here. No two pens in the Reaeon set are alike, and there is a wide range of options.

The ink flow is even, and the drying time is about average. Just be careful not to smear them after you've applied them.

This gel pen set includes 28 glitters, 16 neon, 15 pastels, 18 metallics, 14 fluorescent, 6 rainbow, and 3 standards.

What we like best about this option is that it includes 100 different colors in a single set.

   12. Smart Color Art

This 140-color pack provides variety and convenience because each section of pens is packaged in a sturdy box. The 140 pens include a variety of styles such as regular pens, glitter pens, neon pens, and so on.

The tip is extra fine, measuring between 0.6mm and 0.8mm.
They're great pens for adult coloring books, especially if you like variety and want to work with precision. There are no smears, nor does the pen dry out.

They fill spaces nicely, making them an excellent choice for coloring books and coloring pages. Even when the colors are layered, they do not bleed.

When you purchase their 320 gel pen pack, keep in mind that you will receive 160 pens and 160 refills, not 320 pens. Although there are 160 different colors, many people are perplexed by the product name.

Overall, they are excellent gel pens for the price. Their metallic and glitter shades are a little smoother to work with than their pastel shades.

Small Color Art is also known for providing excellent customer service if there is a problem with your order. Because of the glitter metallic shades, some of the hues and shades are similar but still distinct.

What we like best about this option is its high precision and suitability for color layering.

      13. Courise 108 Unique Colors Gel Pen Set

This gel pen set comes in a nice box and includes 108 different colors.

The ink flow is even, and the pens are refillable. They're made of clear plastic so you can see when the ink is running low.

The colors are vibrant on the paper, and the ink flows smoothly and consistently, with no strange blotches.

They are appropriate for adult coloring books as long as the paper is of sufficient thickness. The paper may bleed through if it is too thin.

Because some of the 108 colors are similar, you can create shadow effects. Fortunately, none of the 108 are identical, so there are no color duplicates.

A common issue with glitter from gel pens is that it falls off and makes a mess on your hand and coloring pages. However, each pen in this set dries quickly and the glitter does not rub off. As a result, they make excellent gel pens for adult coloring books.

What we like best about this option is that it has 108 colors and does not smear.

     14. Arteza ARTZ-8001 Gel Pens

Arteza's box of ballpoint pens is filled with colors that look great on white and black papers and are ideal for gel pen art. Of course, you can use this set for school, work, journaling, and crafts as well!

First and foremost, I have great news for parents looking for gel pens for kids. Because these inks are non-toxic, you can let your children let their imaginations run wild when creating art. Professional artists, on the other hand, appreciate the acid-free gel ink because it keeps their illustrations bright.

For distraction-free sketching, I rely on the smooth flow of ink and quick-drying capabilities of these gel pens. Smudging irritates me because it is so difficult to remove. Similarly, I despise going over a line I just drew because the ink skipped. As a result, selecting this gel pen set for illustration is a no-brainer.

When we press the pen harder, we all know that the tip can dent the page. Fortunately, when I draw and color with the gel ink pen, I only need a little pressure. Having said that, I enjoy using them to add highlights or outlines to my colored pencil or watercolor illustrations.

The triangular body not only keeps the gel pen from rolling off the table but also gives me complete control over my strokes. Only the metallic ink pens, from what I've seen, appear to flow a little less freely, but that doesn't mean they don't work!

  • It works on both dark and light papers.
  • Can be used in conjunction with colored pencils or watercolors.
  • It is safe for children to use.
  • Prevents smearing and skipping.
  • Ensures that the ink remains vibrant for an extended time
  • The metallics do not flow as easily as the others.
This box of gel pens is suitable for both children and adults and includes a variety of inks to suit any creative project. Most importantly, the product's ability to preserve vibrant colors makes it an excellent choice for commissioned artworks.

What to Look for When Purchasing Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books:

If you buy pens on the spur of the moment, I'll be the last person to judge you because I understand how you feel. After all, the majority of these gel pen sets are reasonably priced. How many of them, however, end up collecting dust on our shelves?

Instead of acting on impulse, let us make our next purchase more deliberate. To begin, let me give you some things to think about.

Ink quality

At the most basic level, the gel pen you purchase should be free of bleeding, smearing, and skipping. The ink flow of most gel pen brands has been perfected, but the drying time varies. It is not necessary to be left-handed to use quick-drying ink. Artists, for example, use a gel pen or two in conjunction with watery mediums.

These days, acid-free gel ink is available, but it may not be necessary if you simply want to jot down your thoughts before they fade. They will, however, be useful for anyone who wishes to archive their work or sell illustrations.

Color options

The variety of colors and styles available with a gel pen over a ballpoint pen is one advantage. Manufacturers created metallics, neons, pastels, rainbows, and glitters in addition to standard colored ink.

As a result, for many coloring book enthusiasts, gel pens have replaced colored pencils and markers. The majority of products are sold in sets of 60 or 100. However, if you only need to underline a text on a page, a set of four will suffice.

Gel pen brands provide fine, medium, and bold points, which is far more than a ballpoint pen does. This selection is adequate for writing and basic coloring. Of course, some brands, such as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, produce extra-fine tips. Felt-tip pen sets are the best option for artists and designers who require a wider range of tip sizes.


Gel ink pens are the go-to writing, coloring, and sketching tools due to their versatility in design and ink quality. However, if you look closely, you will notice that each gel pen is better suited for a specific use. A set of four multicolor gel pens, for example, can be used as highlighters but are not suitable for document signing.

Pen design

When purchasing a pen, most people focus on the color or size of the tip, but ergonomics are also important. Because our hands are unique, we grip the same pen in different ways.

Furthermore, some of us have medical conditions that make it difficult to hold a pen. I strongly advise you to experiment with various pen types. If you have trouble opening a cap, look for pens with a twist mechanism or retractable ones.

Other Crucial Factors to Consider:

What is the best gel pen? Who is this for?

To meet the bare minimum, good gel pens should have ink that is both smooth-flowing and quick-drying. The best gel pens, on the other hand, go above and beyond to meet your specific requirements.

An acid-free gel pen, for example, adds value to the artwork that illustrators want to sell. Meanwhile, the glittery and metallic ones add a fashionable touch to your bullet journals. Non-toxic gel pen sets, on the other hand, make children's art projects safe. Manufacturers have recently developed an erasable gel pen that can be erased with a special rubber.

How does it work?

The ability of the water-based gel to carry dyes and pigments is the key to a gel pen's opaque and vivid color. The best gel ink pens, which are classified as rollerballs, have a smooth ink flow similar to a fountain pen.

What are the different types of gel pens?

Every gel pen on the market performs similarly, with a few minor exceptions. The following are the various types of gel pens:

  • Standard colored gel pen
  • Metallic gel pen
  • Glitter gel pen
  • Neon gel pen
  • Rainbow or swirl gel pen
  • Erasable gel pen

Why do you need gel pens?

A fountain pen is an option if you want to write with smooth, flowing ink without exerting too much pressure. However, fountain pens can be difficult to pack and transport when traveling. As a result, many people prefer to write with a gel pen. This type of pen, for one, appeals to me as being more low-maintenance. Furthermore, most brands provide hundreds of color options!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted gel pen brands?

Every gel pen I reviewed for this article was tried and tested, which is why I recommend it. Paper Mate, Aen Art, Taotree, Tanmit, DasKid, Reaeon, Sharpie, Soucolor, Bic, TUL, Pilot, Arteza, and Feela are popular gel pen brands.

Naturally, you'll find additional products and variants that didn't make my list, such as erasable gel pen sets, Tekwriter gel pens, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and Pentel Energel, in gel pen reviews and forums like Reddit. Needless to say, they're worth a look!

Are gel pens good for writing?

Although gel pens are similar to rollerball pens, gel ink glides more smoothly and dries faster. Some left-handed people have reported smearing issues, but this is usually dependent on the brand they purchased. If you are left-handed, there are several smear-free fast-drying gel pen products available!

Can I use gel pens on canvas?

Because of its quick-drying properties, gel ink can be used on canvas. Just make sure the paint is completely dry before applying the gel pens. To avoid discoloration, make sure to use archival ink.

How to make gel pens work again?

It's very simple to reactivate a gel pen! Add a drop of water to the cartridge with a dropper. After that, close the pen, shake it, and test it. If the first attempt fails, try again.

If this method fails, try immersing the entire gel pen in warm water.

Do gel pens bleed through the paper?

Even the smoothest gel pen is unlikely to bleed through paper with rollerball gel ink. The gel ink's properties allow it to float on top of the paper's surface rather than soak it. At most, you'll notice some minor ghosting at the bottom of the page. Depending on the weight of the paper, the intensity of the ghosting will vary.


Gel pens are excellent for coloring books and come in a wide range of colors. Which gel pens for coloring you should buy depends on your budget, how much variety you want, and whether you prefer regular pens or glitter neon hues.

Each of the 14 sets we looked at has gel pens that are appropriate for adult coloring adventures. Choose any of these sets and you can be confident that you will create stunning images while also having a relaxing time coloring.

You won't have to worry about long or complicated shipping processes because they're all available on

It's been a challenge to test all of the gel pen sets I could get my hands on. I don't think I have a single favorite because they all have their strengths.

A gel pen with a fine tip is great for writing and detail work, but it's not great for coloring. If you want to cover larger areas faster, a medium or bold tip will help. As a result, we gravitate toward various products.

Although I encourage you to try other brands, keep in mind that cheap gel pen sets have clumpy inks. Check out reviews before you buy anything to find the best gel pens for your needs!

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