The Best Alcohol Based Markers in 2023

Hello and welcome to the world of alcohol based markers!

When I'm coloring, one of my pet peeves is when the ink settles on the paper's surface and refuses to dry quickly. Sometimes I accidentally spill the ink on myself and my beautiful artwork! Here are the best alcohol-based markers to get you started...


Due to their rapid drying time, these markers are a blessing. Whenever I need to paint quickly and don't want to waste time waiting, I turn to them for assistance. I'm able to create new art more quickly. It is my goal today to assist you in finding alcohol based markers that are suitable for your requirements.


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Best Alcohol Based Marker Reviews:

      1. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers


Starting with Prismacolor, let's have a look. Founded in the United States, this brand has a long history. They make high-quality markers and colored pencils. For deeply saturated colors, the Premier series is a dye-based alcohol-based marker with dye-based ink. It has a good ink flow, which allows for better mixing. Three alternatives are available: brush and fine, chisel and fine, as well as a series of illustrations.

Two different nibs are included in each of the Prismacolor Premier Double End art markers. The brush tip can be used to produce flexible strokes or to cover a larger area, while the fine tip can be used to draw in small details. There is only one ink barrel between the two tips, which provides color constancy. Despite its cylindrical shape, the marker is easy to use and comfortable for extended durations.

There are almost 200 colorful hues to choose from, as well as beginner sets of 12 or so. If you're looking to add a little glitter to your project, this 72-piece set is great for you! There are no refillable or interchangeable nibs on the art markers, by the way. If you need to replace a pen, you can buy them separately.
When using alcohol markers, it's a good idea to set your work on a thick board or something similar. They can bleed through your paper, so you won't have to worry about ruining the next page or surface with their messes. Other Prismacolor markers may also be suitable for your needs.

      2. Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set


Copic markers are next on our list. Art professionals around the world believe Copic markers to be among the best available today. Even if it's more expensive than other brands, you'll get more bang for your buck because the inks are refillable and the nibs are also replaceable. If any of your markers run out of ink or if the nibs start to wear, you won't need to buy a new pen or a new set.

It comes with chisel and brush tips. It is referred to by Copic as "super brush nib." A smooth, paint-like application is possible with this flexible nib. The tips and the ink barrel occupy the same space. Which end of the brush has the broad tip or the brush tip is indicated by a little indent on the brush. Fortunately, the Copic marker's nib is noted for its durability and does not fray even after extended, heavy use - a positive thing.

Due to its high-quality inks, durability, and interchangeable features, professional artists invest in Copic markers. Their application is effortless and the colors are simply lovely. It's easy to create a gradient appearance by layering colors. To get you started, here's a 36-piece color set.

When using standard paper with these alcohol markers, expect the ink to flow through because of the alcohol content of the markers. Always use blotter pages or extra sheets under the page you're coloring to assist absorb ink if you enjoy adult coloring. In addition to the Copic marker set, Copic has created a sketchbook that goes well with it.

Among Copic's markers, Sketch is the most popular product (other models are Ciao and Classic). You can use them without worry because they are non-toxic and acid-free.

     3. Winsor & Newton Promarker Brush


Winsor & Newton is a London-based brand that sells paints and other art supplies. They specialize in the production of high-end art supplies. 
Alcohol-based art markers with double-tipped tips are referred to as Promarkers. You can get them with chisel and bullet points, or a combination of brush and chisel. To minimize misunderstanding, the Promarker Brush series refers to those that have brush nibs included.

Promarker Brush from Winsor & Newton comes with 48 brushes and chisel points. You can use it on paper, acetate, glass, wood, and plastic. You may experiment with different creative strokes thanks to the flexible brush nib. It has a chisel tip on the other end, which is ideal for thick strokes and a broader application of paint. Inks in these markers are made from high-quality alcohol-based inks that are easy to blend and dry quickly.

It's easy to tell which tip of these markers is a brush or a chisel since the markers' caps are different forms. To protect the brush tip, there is a pointed cap on one end and a flat cap on the other end. Additionally, the pen's cap has an indentation to prevent the pen from rolling off your desk.

Considering that alcohol markers tend to run through most types of paper, you may want to use Bleedproof Paper from Winsor & Newton to create your artwork. Markers cannot bleed through them. Thick papers or cardstocks with a smooth surface can also be substituted for thin paper. Remember to use blotter paper while using alcohol markers to avoid staining the next page or surface you're working on.

There is a lovely box with individual spaces for the pens, and they are packaged nicely. This can be used to hold your markers vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. Just a brief reminder that the nibs are not re-usable! Similarly, the inks are not refillable.

      4. Arteza Everblend Ultra Art Markers


Among colorists, the Arteza brand is a popular choice. In addition to superb markers, they also produce a wide range of creative tools. Customer feedback is highly valued, and customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As the name suggests, these markers are alcohol-based and have two different tips. You can use them on numerous surfaces such as paper, glass, wood, and plastic because they contain highly colored ink. A triangle-shaped handle enables a comfortable grip and prevents markers from rolling off your table while you work. However, if your nibs start to fray, replacement tips can be purchased separately.

In addition to the fine and chisel tips, this 72-piece set also includes a clear blender marker. Combining the fine and broad chisel tips helps you to create small, detailed shapes, while the fine tip is great for filling in small gaps. The colorless blender can be used to overlay colors, blend colors, and create highlights in a photograph. With their name label, the caps are color-coded according to their names. Due to the lack of one in this collection, you may need to construct your own.

When you use these Arteza Everblend art markers, you'll get vibrant colors that will dazzle you. They are easy to mix and dry quickly. Whenever you are working on a coloring book, please use a blotter page to absorb any ink that may seep through. These markers work well with their media pads and paper.

This set of markers comes in a handy organizer case with individual spaces for each marker. As well as vertically, the marker box allows you to keep them on a horizontal plane. As a result, they are completely non-toxic and suitable for everyone to use, including novices and young artists. The other Arteza markers are also available for your perusal.

      5. Caliart 40 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers


Caliart's 40 Colors dual tip art markers are one of the greatest alcohol markers I've used. There are 40 colors in this set, and they come in a wonderful zipped bag that makes it easy to store them upright and prevents me from losing any of them. Simpler to bring the whole set. 

Although it has 40 different colors, it doesn't take up a lot of space in my backpack. You can use it if you're always on the move!

This makes it much easier for the user to distinguish colors because each marker has a label on top of it. This means I don't have to dig through all of them to locate the color I want. Open the zipper and remove the desired color. It's so much easier to remain on top of things when you're organized.

The color choices are good. Like that there are comparable shadows of nude colors, as well! Nothing too drastic, which makes it simpler to find the best tone for darkening skin. I appreciate the minor difference in shades.
Every one of these alcohol-based brush markers has two tips. There is a large chisel point on one side and a fine tip on the other. It's easy to use because the ink dries up rapidly, so it's great to use for journaling. If you want to shade, use the large chisel tip; if you want to make tables, use the fine one.

These markers have a beautiful design that I truly adore. I can easily handle them, yet they're not so thick that they'll wear out my hands quickly. Because of its thickness, it is simpler to create complicated designs and write calligraphy on them.

To prevent bleeding, use this on thicker paper or place a piece of paper below it if you're using a thin one.

The pens have a simplistic design that I appreciate as well. As a result, it doesn't distract you from finding the right hue. Some of the colors on the cap don't seem to match the ones on the cap.

  • Great value for money.
  • Vibrant colors that do not easily bleed.
  • The markers have been ergonomically designed.
  • A mild scent that isn't irritating.
  • Some colors are too similar.
  • Cap doesn’t stay if you put it on the other end.
For serious painters as well as amateurs who want to create art on the go, these markers are a terrific option.

   6. Ohuhu 40-Color Alcohol Marker Dual Tips Permanent Art Markers


Cheap alcohol markers were a great investment because they lasted a long time. Alcohol ink markers held up admirably after years of use and dispensed ink like no other. Compared to the last set, I think this one lasted me twice as long.

The light colors of these architectural markers are also appealing to me. I'm a big fan of the pastel palette. You may use them to create dreamy and ethereal artwork because they are so small. Because the base isn't too dark, they're also perfect for layering. To make it darker, I can put more shade on it. This set of alcohol-based pens is perfect for layering.

A dual-tip marker is also included. It comes with two different types of tips: a chisel tip and a fine point. Coloring, drawing, or writing can be done with either.

As a bonus, this set comes with a circular bag. My drawings are much more ordered because of it.

The fact that they don't bleed makes these the perfect markers for architectural rendering. The colors are vibrant, although they are more on the pastel side.

The chisel tip, in particular, is not as flexible as other markers I've used in the past. As a result, it tends to grind the paper's surface. Not a significant deal, but worth considering if you're an artist.

Not to mention, the tints tend to be closer in color. Some may dislike this, but others may enjoy it because it allows them to develop the tone they want and layers the colors to achieve the aesthetic they desire. Additionally, the lack of color variation is a bit of an issue. There is a distinct lack of purple color options, for example. Making landscapes with that could have been a good idea.

There is a distinct odor about them. Especially if you're sharing this alcohol-based marker set with your kids, I can see how it could be off-putting to some people.

  • There are several lovely light hues.
  • It's simple to use.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a case.
  • Strong smell
This set of markers is a must-have for anyone looking for a smooth, trouble-free ink flow.

     7. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers


It's a wonderful choice if you're seeking economical but high-quality alcohol-based markers. This set includes 30 distinct and colorful colors that you may use to make art. Some of the hues are close to one other, which makes mixing and layering easier and more enjoyable to do.
This marker set features twin tips, just like the previous sets. A superb 1mm tip is on the other end of the spectrum, while the other has a 4mm broad chisel tip. You can use it for drawing or journaling, depending on what you need it for.

The alcohol indicators are thinner when compared. When coloring or shading for a long period, they are still comfortable to grip. Removing and replacing the cap was also a breeze. As for the caps, I also enjoy the design of them. As a result, it's not completely smooth. Because it doesn't roll over when you place it down on the table, it's convenient.

There is a lot of vibrancy in the colors of these top architectural rendering markers. Those who prefer brighter hues would enjoy this. In addition, the ink dries rapidly and does not bleed over the next page. It will bleed through to the back of the paper, so only use it on one-sided illustrations to avoid this.

Its drying power is also affected by the type of paper you are using, as well as the temperature of the air. With this marker set, some types of cardstock don't function as well as others. The ink takes a long time to dry and tends to stay on the paper's surface. Test this on numerous articles to find the ideal writing medium for yourself.

This is a brand of alcohol markers that is both affordable and safe. The ink is acid-free in its formulation. Even children can use these markers to create alcohol marker art because they do not have a strong smell.

No early wear and tear on the markers' tips. The tips preserved their original form even when used repeatedly and under high pressure.

If you're on a low budget but still want a marker set that will last you a long time without compromising on quality and vividness of the ink, this is a good option.

  • It's an affordable option.
  • The colors chosen are quite pleasing to the eye.
  • Vibrant colors.
  • Do not easily bleed.
  • Cap with ridges.
  • On certain types of paper, it can be streaky.
With these markers, you'll be able to mix colors with ease. It's a great choice for artists and hobbyists alike because it's so adaptable.

      8. Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Based Dual Tip Art Markers


Fans of art will want to own this Bianyo set. Pricey, but worth it because you get 72 different markers in a neat travel case.

All the color options are great, and they provide me more options for all my drawing projects. When you have colors that are similar to each other, it's easier to generate dimensions for your drawings. A more realistic look is achieved by adding shading and features.

These pens have two tips. One side has a 7mm chisel tip and the other has a 1mm fine tip. All you need to produce your drawings is this. Using the fine tip, you can outline your designs, while using the chisel tip, you can shade your drawings.

To me, the best thing about this set is the barcode on the body of each marker that tells you what the color name is. So, even without the caps on, consumers can quickly identify the marks. As a bonus, they provided a colorless blender marker. If you desire a particular aesthetic, you can utilize this to distribute the color.

Amazon's alcohol-based markers blend well. Instead of drying quickly, these alcohol markers allow you to smear your colors and obtain the exact color balance. The quality of the ink is among the best I've ever seen. If you're a student of architecture, these would also make excellent rendering markers. There are no streaks or smudge marks after application. As far as I can tell, the ink is easy to disperse.

Similar to many of the alcohol-based markers Walmart sells, the cap colors do not match the ink colors. The markers may still need to be swatched on a piece of paper to see how they look in person. What I enjoy about the colors is how vibrant and intense they are. A more vibrant and pigmented look results in more fascinating artwork.

As a bonus, the beige selection of these architectural rendering markers is really impressive. They're ideal for creating flesh tones because they're so opaque. Beige colors are hard to get in other markers.

  • A nice selection of colors at a reasonable price.
  • It includes a carrying case.
  • On the body, there is a barcode with a color indicator.
  • Vivid colors.
  • Easy-to-blend ink.
  • Colors are not too close enough, which may make gradation more challenging.
These markers are a must-have for individuals who require a wider range of colors when coloring or drawing. It includes everything you might want in a marker set.

      9. Copic Marker Sketch Basic Set


If you don't mind spending a little more money to get the quality markers you want, the Copic marker sketch basic set is a good choice. This set contains only 12 markers, however, they are the highest quality alcohol markers available anywhere. If you are serious about your artistic output, I believe this is an investment worth making.

The markers are packaged in a clear plastic box. These are refillable alcohol markers, so even if you spend a lot of money on them, you will save money in the long run because you just need refills when you run out. 

The nibs are also replaceable. I know some artists who have used the same Copic marker set for decades, which speaks something about their durability.

The ink's perfect application is incomparable, thanks to its flexible brush. It is more forgiving and softer than your ordinary low-cost marker. The brush nib does not wear out easily, but if it does, replacing the worn-out nibs is simple.

Of course, I'd have to spend extra money to get the other color options. In terms of the colors you may achieve, I believe this 12-piece kit does not provide much flexibility. It's a terrific beginner package, but it's not for individuals who want to attain precise shading in their work.

The watercolor effect is appealing to me. If you like the look of watercolors, you'll like these markers.

Instead of the hard plastic case, these should have come with a cloth marker. If you drop your bag or the marker set, the case can easily fracture. Also, be cautious with the black marker because it has a tendency to spill, especially when used for the first time. You should try it on a piece of paper first because the ink tends to come out in a huge blob.

  • Markers of high quality.
  • An ink that can be refilled.
  • Nibs are replaceable.
  • Can last for a very long time.
  • Expensive.
  • Runny ink.
These markers will last you a long time because the nibs are replaceable and the ink is refillable. You can save a lot of money by purchasing these markers.

      10. Artify Art Supplies Marker Set


This Artify marker set is one of the simple ones to pack. It's so easy to keep organized with its plastic carrying case, which also has a top handle. It is large enough to hold all 40 of the markers included in the set.
This Artify artist alcohol-based art marker set is one-of-a-kind. They are triangular, with the edges flaring out somewhat to make them more pleasant to grasp and to prevent them from rolling when placed on a surface. The caps also include a small hole to make them easier to remove. A smooth surface can make removing the cap more difficult. This one, on the other hand, does not have such an issue.

This is also a dual-tipped pen. It comes with a broad trip that makes shading easier, as well as a fine tip for producing beautiful outlines. The tips are constructed of a fiber material that is durable and does not fray readily. I've used these pens a lot and have yet to see any indications of wear.

These, like many alcohol-based markers, bleed through thin paper. This is why, to avoid this, you should use heavy-duty paper. If you enjoy Copic markers but can't afford them, I think this is a good set for you. They are comparable in terms of quality and ink consistency.
I had no problems with the color blending as well. The colors merged perfectly and there was no streaking. It can also be utilized by experts.

One disadvantage of these if you want alcohol-based artwork is the lack of color diversity. Some are simply not as colorful, while others are just right but not particularly striking. There are also several grey tints with nearly identical shades, which I think are superfluous.

A mixing pen is included. However, it is not as good as the others I have tried. When dealing with the blending pen, there is only a limited window of time to blend the colors or else you will get these unattractive spots.

  • High-quality ink
  • Comes with a varying case
  • Easy to use
  • Durable tips
  • Easy to blend
  • Some ink may get on the cap and the rest of the marker.
The ink quality of these markers will appeal to you. These make it possible to color smoothly and conveniently.

    11. Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers


These art markers are ideal for both newbie and experienced artists, as they are neither too pricey nor too inexpensive. It's a beginner package for anyone who wants to take their craft to the next level. Each set includes 12 distinct markers in a variety of colors. The color possibilities are pretty basic, which is ideal for a starting kit or as a supplementary kit if you need a reliable set as a backup.

This marker, like many of the alcohol-based markers on the market, features a dual tip, one with a chisel point and the other with a fine tip. Given the price, the ink consistency is extremely impressive. It is equivalent to more expensive models on the market, and it is much better if you are searching for something with a high blending capacity.

The colors of these markers are always accurate and constant. They are also welcoming to newcomers. Even if you don't have much expertise in blending, it's very simple. Surprisingly, there are no streaks in the marks. My colors are frequently clear and precise.

However, keep in mind that some of the colors can become a little dry. However, I've discovered that rubbing alcohol applied to the tips and then placed vertically will reactivate the ink. After soaking in alcohol, simply leave it there overnight with the top on.

I particularly enjoy that these markers may be used with other alcohol-based markers. I can mix them with other brands of markers, such as Copic. They can have a propensity to bleed through, so use heavier paper.

I haven't noticed any clumping so far. The tips remained abrasion-resistant after frequent rubbing. Even when I went a little overboard with the coloring and abused my markers a little, they held up very well.

If you want the highest color quality, I would recommend these markers. They always come through loud and clear. If you enjoy watercolor as a medium but want something more portable and convenient to use, especially while you're on the go, these markers are ideal.

  • Exceptional quality Ink
  • Durable tip
  • Writes smoothly on paper
  • Vibrant colors
  • Doesn’t smudge or get streaky
  • Upon arrival, you may need to reactivate some colors.
Given their durability, these markers will last you a long time. If you utilize these markers, you will have hours of pleasure coloring.

      12. Caliart 100 Colors Artist Alcohol Markers Dual Tip Art Markers


With 99 hues and one colorless blender included in this set, you'll have hours of fun and excitement coloring. I'm not sure, but I prefer a variety of colours. I appreciate how there are so many various hues in one color family, allowing me to create subtle gradations with ease.

These, like other alcohol markers, feature twin tips. The broad chisel tip measures 1-7mm, while the small point tip measures 0.7mm. The pens' design is very unremarkable, as it is typical with dual-tip alcohol markers.
It's a good thing they included a black carrying case with this package. Because the ends are visible, it is easier for me to find colors that I prefer. It's where the colors are displayed.

It's a good thing they included a black carrying case with this package. Because the ends are visible, it is easier for me to find colors that I prefer. It's where the colors are displayed.

There are a lot of positive aspects to these pens, including how long they lasted. It is an excellent choice for ardent painters who color frequently, whether as a hobby or for professional purposes. It will simply provide you with additional mileage.

It also has a squared body, which I find useful. I can set it down on my table without worrying about it rolling off. If you have a child who enjoys coloring, this feature will come in because it stays on the table and does not roll-off.

The cap was first a bit too tight. It makes removing them more difficult. It's not a significant deal, but it can be difficult for persons with little hand dexterity, such as children.

The color also tends to come off a little too strongly. It is necessary to use a small amount at a time and blend it in. However, this, like the others, lacks true color representation. The color of the cap does not match the color of the ink, thus they must still be swatched.
It's also a good company to work with. I've heard of folks who requested a refund because they were dissatisfied with their purchase, and the customer support person was able to execute their request right away.

  • There are numerous color options.
  • An ink that is vivid and pigmented.
  • Squared body
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable find
  • Inaccurate color labels
I had a lot of fun utilizing these markers for a variety of purposes, including coloring and lettering. If you acquire these marks, you will almost certainly have the same experience.

     13. Arteza Everblend Art Markers


It's easy to see why these markers have received so many positive ratings. It's a little more expensive than others, but I think it's worth it because you get 60 colors and a great art case. It is also not a straightforward case. 

Individual spaces are provided for the markers, allowing you to effortlessly keep them in position and stay organized.

It also features a triangle form, which makes it easier to grip and maintain in place because it will not roll off your table. I like how they put the color's name instead of just the number on the cap. This makes it easier to reattach the correct cap to the marker.

The color options aren't bad either. Even on the first swipe, everything stands out. It's also a very buildable color. If you like a darker tint, simply add another shade to get a darker and more vibrant color. It's pretty simple to manage.

It also comes in colors that you won't find anywhere else. There is also a blender to help you mix and match all of your colors without those pesky lines in between.

Because the tips are removable, these markers will last you a long time. Simply take them out and replace them.

I only think that if you like pastels, you'll be disappointed with the color palette. There aren't enough pastel or nude tones in it. It is tough to find a decent shade when coloring skin tones.

Having said that, I believe these markers merge very well. That is one of their most compelling selling features. They combine beautifully and effortlessly, making them suitable for usage by even inexperienced artists.

I do notice that the ink does not dry as quickly as I would have liked. They still have a propensity to smear and blend with the new color you're using, so allow it some more time to rest. However, if you are a slow worker and prefer something that gives you more time to blend it, these are an excellent choice.

  • The pens have a triangular shape.
  • Excellent color selections
  • A useful case that makes it easier to organize
  • Blends well
  • Vibrant and easy to apply
  • To avoid smearing, it must be cleaned and blotted.
These markers are really simple to use. They will be enjoyable to use for both novices and experts.

      14. Aspire Color Alcohol Markers


If you want more color options, get these markers. The exquisite selection of 80 different hues ensures that you have the ideal tone for whatever you're working on. These markers also come with two tips, one for shading and the other for finer details.

These pens come in a nylon carrying case. With the help of the handy carrying case, you can transport all 80 markers wherever you choose.

The marker caps are also color-coded to help you discover the colors you need. If you need further assistance with color choices, you can download and print a color chart from their website.

This brand is giving low pricing for this alcohol-based marker, but if the quality of their ink is any indication, you'd think it's costly. I would recommend these to both beginners and experts. It has good blending skills that even professional artists will appreciate.

With these pens by my side, I can work for hours. Because the pen shape is squared, they are easier to handle. It has more angles, which means there is more surface area for gripping. They are also quite light.

They, too, have a lengthy lifespan. I didn't have any issues with the ink drying up. Even after a lengthy period of use, it continues to dispense ink like no other. Some of the caps may have the interior part soaked with ink at first, however, this is just temporary and can be readily cleaned.

Despite the fact that you receive a lot of colors, this set will not break the budget. I propose that folks on a tight budget get this bundle. It is a relatively inexpensive investment.

My only issue was with some of the nibs. There are individuals whose nibs are crooked. It did not have a significant impact on functionality, but it may be inconvenient for others.

It should be noted that, while the nibs are removable, the manufacturer does not produce replacements. You'll have to look for other brands that will work.

  • A wide range of hues is available.
  • The colors are quite vibrant.
  • The ink is simply dispensed and flows smoothly.
  • Square markers for a more ergonomic grip
  • Easy on the budget
  • Replaceable nibs but they don’t sell replacements
These markers are, in my opinion, a good buy. They are not pricey, yet the quality is comparable to more expensive products.

      15. Keebor Advanced 80+1 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers


Keebor is another brand that offers an alcohol marker set with 80 distinct colors. It comes from a company that has been established for more than 20 years and is almost an institution in the business. That, I believe, is a tribute to their dependability.

These markers, once again, feature dual tips. The fine bullet point tip is ideal for sketching, writing, and drawing, whereas the chisel tip is excellent for shading.

The rectangular shape of this monument is one of its distinguishing features. It is more comfortable to grasp, so if your hands sweat easily, you will like these.

It's also ridiculously cheap. With only 60 colors, it costs the same as other marker brands. This one has 80. If you want to have additional color selections without spending more money, this should be a decent alternative.

What I like best about these markers is that they include more blues and greens. There aren't many markers on the market with a wider range of blues and greens. There are also more rainbow hues present than neutral colors.

They work right away. They did not require time to react and did not dry up in storage.

All of the hues are vibrant. I rarely found the need to layer, but if you desire darker colors, this offers good mixing possibilities. The integrated mixer works wonderfully. It has not caused me any problems.

The plastic case that came with it, on the other hand, is a touch fragile. When you have more markers out, it loses its shape.

  • A wide range of colors is available.
  • Vivid colors
  • High quality tips
  • When stored, it does not dry out easily.
  • It blends wonderfully.
  • Flimsy plastic case
These markers will provide you with hours of entertainment. Add these to your coloring arsenal, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional.

     16. Darice Studio 71 Dual Tip 48 Pieces Alcohol-Based Marker Set


Darice includes 48 markers in this collection. Because of the variety of hues, you will not be disappointed while doing arts and crafts projects with these. Each Marker includes a chisel and a fine tip, so you'll have everything you need for your artistic endeavors.

For novices, I recommend this set. Because the tips are flexible, it is easy to utilize. The ink flows easily, and the tips do not rub against the paper, as is occasionally the case with other low-cost marker sets.

The colors are quite bright. I've had no problems with it. When compared to more expensive markers, the blending capabilities are subpar, but for novices, this could be a good marker set to get for blending.

These will fray if you have a heavy hand and color with a lot of pressure on your pen. It may not be good for long-term use, but for occasional use, I found this set to be ideal. It's difficult to find a better product at this pricing point.

I'm also a fan of the flesh tones in this. With the hues available, it is easy to get correct skin tones. The shading is very excellent. Because the chisel tip provides adequate coverage, shadowing was not a problem for me.

  • Easy on the pocket
  • Excellent skin tones
  • More flexible tips
  • The chisel tip covers a larger area.
  • After a while, the tips may fray.
Because of the flexibility of the tips on these markers, they are an excellent choice for coloring that requires blending.


What to Look for When Purchasing Alcohol Markers


Good alcohol markers are harder to come by since they require a bit more thought. As a buyer, there are several things to consider.

Color Selection/Shades Included

As an artist, the most crucial thing to consider is the number of colors in the set. There are a lot of possibilities with the marker set. A few colors won't give you as much to work with as a variety of hues. When it comes to achieving richer colors, more is usually better.

Consider what colors are included, rather than just how many markers are included, when evaluating the set's hues. You can't always see the difference between the hues because they are so close together.

In addition, there may be a difference in the types of colors. One set of markers may have more hues of blue, whereas another set of markers may have more shades of grey, for example. Everything comes down to personal taste.

Refillable Markers

However, if you have a bit extra money to spend on a set of markers, consider investing in a refillable marker set. Fillable markers are made by Copic, a company. Inks are durable and can last for years. Just go out and get some new ink. In addition, you don't have to buy a new set if you run out of one particular color in the set. You can purchase a refill of that particular hue.

If it can't be replenished, search for markers with a lengthy shelf-life. Ideally, they'll last you for a long time.

Replaceable Tips

It's also a good idea to have tips that can be replaced. Professional artists and others who color frequently should invest in reliable markers and replace the tips as they wear out. There is a limit to how long the tips will last. In the end, everything wears out. To make your marker set survive as long as possible, this functionality is essential.

Good Ink Flow

Ink flow is another important thing to keep in mind while creating a design. For a smooth and steady ink flow, you don't want it to shoot out a ton of ink. You don't want your coloring book to be covered in a glob of goo. As well, choose a kind with a long shelf life and a low evaporation rate.


Alcohol-based markers are popular because of their ability to blend well with other colors and even different brands of markers. To assist you to produce a seamless gradation of colors, several of the kits include a free blending marker. To make it easier to blend, look for inks that are easier to mix.

Design of the Markers

Most markers are round, although triangular or rectangular markers may be preferable if you're looking for something different. It is easier to hold them because they don't flip over as easily.

Other Crucial Factors to Consider:


What is an Alcohol Based Marker?

It's a type of marker that has its ink blended with alcohol. Alcohol vaporizes quickly, allowing the ink to dry out more quickly because of this. This allows for more consistent results and improved blending abilities.

How Does it Work?

It is easy to utilize alcohol based markers. Like regular markers, they can be used in the same manner as a regular pen or pencil Typically, they have two tips. In general, one side of the tool has a chisel point, while the other has a fine bullet tip. Shade your drawings with the chisel tip and draw, sketch, and add fine details using the fine tip.

You may blend the colors with the blending marker that comes with it. Just brush it against the colored area to get the desired look.

Who Is This For?

Who wants the look of watercolor paint but hates the mess that it creates? This is for you! Alcohol-based markers allow you to blend colors in a variety of different ways. Artists of all levels can benefit from it. Even youngsters can use most alcohol markers because they are made with a formulation that is acid-free and non-toxic.

What are the Different Types of Alcohol Markers?

You can choose between refillable and non-refillable markers, but there isn't a specified type. If the ink runs out, you can refill the ink without having to replace the complete marker set. It's also possible to buy alcohol makers that have detachable nibs. You can easily replace the nibs if they become frayed or worn.

Why Do You Need Alcohol Based Markers?

For coloring, you'll need alcohol-based markers. As an alternative to watercolors, alcohol based markers can be used to create the same effect. Alternatively, it can be used to keep a journal or diary. As an alternative, you can use alcohol-based markers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Most Trusted Alcohol Based Markers Brands?

Firefly alcohol markers reviews will show you that many people rely on these products. As well as Copic markers, there are many other decent brands available. Many individuals have been using the same markers from this brand for years and they are refillable.

Prismacolor also manufactures high-quality markers that can be used for drawing. In terms of quality, they're comparable to Copic markers, and sometimes even better, but they're considerably less expensive.

What Paper is Best For Alcohol Based Markers?

The surface of non-coated papers is smoother, hence they are preferable. As a result, the nibs are preserved and are less likely to fray. Unavoidably, the marker ink will bleed through the other side of the page. Any alcohol-based marker will do that regardless of the paper you are using. So that it doesn't bleed through the other page, place another sheet of paper underneath.

What are Alcohol Based Markers Used For?

Coloring with these markers is a lot of fun. It is possible to use them to create architectural renderings. This type of marker is also used by cartoonists who are well-versed in drawing cartoons.

Are Sharpies Alcohol Based Markers?

Some Sharpies do not contain alcohol in them. Some of these products may be water-based while others are oil-based They do, however, use alcohol-based Sharpie Le Pen markers. To be on the safe side, be sure that everything you're buying contains alcohol or not.

Are Copic Markers Better Than Prismacolor?

For many, the vividness of the ink makes Prismacolor better than Copic Markers. All the colors are also incredibly easy to mix and apply. While less priced, they offer a similar level of quality. Markers made by Copic, on the other hand, come with refillable or interchangeable nibs.

Ultimately, everything comes down to your tastes. Prismacolor, in my opinion, is a better choice when it comes to color quality. Copic markers, on the other hand, are a terrific investment in terms of total functionality.

How to Use?

As a standard marker, you can just use them. You can select between a chisel and a fine point. To revive dried-up ink, you may need to immerse the tip in alcohol.

Where to Buy Them?

To get these markers, visit your local stationery store or any of the many other retailers that sell writing supplies.

What is the Warranty?

Numerous manufacturers of these markers offer a lengthy guarantee. They will reimburse your money if you have any problems with your markers.

How to Care and Clean for Your Alcohol Based Markers?

Clean the marker's body with a clean towel or tissue. Place the tops back on. Organize them in the travel case that comes with them, if you have one.

Alcohol-Based vs. Water-Based

Alcohol-based Art Markers

Alcohol-based markers are also known as permanent markers because of their alcohol-based formulation. In addition to the ink or pigment, these markers contain an alcohol combination. Colorful pens can be made with this type of formulation, which allows ink to dry quickly after application. Markers that use alcohol ink are less likely to smudge or spread on the surface of your treasured work.

Considering the ink concentration, they do not appear streaky when shading huge areas. Alcohol-based markers can also be used for blending. Colors may be easily overlaid without affecting the paper's surface.

The smell of alcohol markers can be overpowering; therefore, they should only be used in well-ventilated spaces. These markers also bleed through paper, so it's better to use thick paper or cardstock material when using these markers instead. Make sure you utilize an extra piece of paper underneath your work as a blotter sheet.

Water-based Art Markers

Water-based markers use a combination of water and ink. As a team, they can bring out the brightest hues in an art piece. Because they are odorless and washable, they are the most popular choice for school use. When children write on their hands or some surfaces, it's easier to clean up the mess.

As a bonus, these markers are known for not bleeding through paper. However, if you overlay colors, they may appear streaky. To avoid paper warping, use thicker papers or watercolor sheets.

For notebooks, scrapbooks, and other crafts, water-based markers are the finest option. The cost is lower than alcohol-based markers, and they are commonly available in retail stores at a lower price point. There are also high-quality water-based markers available for people who prefer high-quality inks over standard markers.

Which To Use?

Each type of marker has its advantages and disadvantages. An alcohol-based marker is the sole subject of this piece. If you're interested in a list that includes both water and alcohol markers, check out our review of the best markers for adult coloring books.

Let’s Talk About Tips

Markers come in a variety of shapes and sizes (also called nibs). Let's take a quick look at the distinctions between the most often used markers to get a better idea of the kind of tips they offer. However, it's always up to you to make the most of it. There are four different types:

Brush Tip

Because of their adaptability, most professional artists favor brush tips. Strokes of different widths may be made with ease thanks to the soft, sturdy tips of this brush set. With the pointed tip, they are ideal for coloring large areas, while the rounded tip is ideal for coloring little areas. For calligraphy work and other crafts, brush tips are also a great choice.

Chisel Tip

They look like highlighter tips and have a wide tip. Both thick and thin strokes can be achieved using these tools. The large, flat side can rapidly fill your paper with color as soon as you slide it in. Because of this, the nib is more rigid than a brush tip.

Bullet Tip

As the name implies, bullet tips are the most prevalent form of marker tip available today. As a rule, children's markers come with this kind of tip on them. You can write and draw with their slightly rounded tip. Since the nib is not very flexible, it may not be good for coloring huge areas or extremely small areas.

Fine Tip

Professional designers and illustrators utilize fine-tipped markers. Fine lines and tiny details are no problem with their incredibly thin points. When coloring huge areas, they are not the greatest solution. Unlike other types of markers, these dry quickly.

Note: Some markers label “bullet” tips as “fine” tips.


Most people use alcohol-based markers, but there are other options. As a result, I recommend checking out a variety of them, starting with the smaller sizes to assess the ink quality before purchasing in those with more color possibilities. Invest in markers with colors that will be used frequently in your coloring routine. No need to spend a fortune. There are less expensive brands of markers that are nonetheless of high quality. Begin with an inexpensive set if you're just learning to color.

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